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HMD, contact, etc.

So. You found my secret dungeon level post. Congrats! This character doesn't wander far from the musebox (or my fanfics) very often, but if you have something you want to say about how I play Connor/Northern Ireland from wherever you found him, go for it!

If you think there's something I could do better, tell me here. Alternatively, I can be found at metalbender pwns on AIM or PM works too.

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I hope it's alright to friend you, you play a very quirky, very lovely Northern Ireland, certainly the most creative and well-thought out I've seen thusfar.


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It's fine! I'm very flattered, really. (And totally flailing because your words are so kind. ;3;) I'm still meaning to transfer all his headcanon that I've put together and put it up in here. Mostly so people can see where I'm coming from with the characterization and such.